Integrative Health Smart Tools

Our Integrative Health Smart Tools are natural health expert systems that use artificial intelligence to identify each individual's most important underlying dysfunctions and the steps necessary to remedy them. This is accomplished using rigorous probabilistic reasoning based upon authoritative, evidence-based, physiological research. The Smart Tools promote restoration of physiological function through the use of inexpensive agents that strengthen the body, while also emphasizing personal education and self-care.

We provide two levels of Smart Tools, one designed for consumers and one designed for health care professionals.

Demonstrations are available for our Consumer and Healthcare Practitioner targeted tools.

Natural Health Knowledge Solutions

World's Healthiest Foods website
We developed The World's Healthiest Foods website for The George Mateljan Foundation. It provides a variety of recipes and educational materials including in-depth research based content on foods, diseases, nutrients and other health topics; a diet analysis tool; meal planners; FAQs; healthy cooking techniques; and, other opportunities for users to interact with information as well as experts on nutrition and healthy eating. Please visit this site at whfoods.org.

Natural Health Content

As part of our Knowledge Solutions we provide in-depth, natural health content. We have developed content on foods and spices, dietary supplements, botanical medicines, environmental toxins, and natural health approaches to disease prevention and treatment. All of the content contains references with access to abstracts of the evidence-based research cited.

Below are four examples of our natural health content. In addition to access to our natural health content databases, we also offer customized content that can be designed to the specifications of your organization's educational strategy.

Botanical example: Boswellia
Disease example: Hypothyroidism
Food/Spice example: Basil
Nutrient example: Choline