SaluGenecists' cutting edge tools and services address the demand for knowledge delivery systems that combine an evidence-based expert understanding of integrative health with advanced technological platforms.

The future of health care is authoritative personalized advice. The focus will be on the correction of underlying dysfunctions rather than the suppression of symptoms, and individuals will be empowered to affect change in their lives as opposed to being passive bystanders in their own health.

Salugenecists' tools and services provide companies with elegant and intelligent solutions that can help them sustain an integral role in this evolving healthcare system, where individuals will attain optimal wellness and companies will attain cost containment advantages.

Our state-of-the-art tools combine science with self-care, enabling you to provide your clients with value-added products that will not only benefit their well-being, but your brand image and bottom line as well.

SaluGenecists' Tools and Services

Integrative Health Smart Tools
Integrative Health Comprehensive Knowledge Solutions
Integrative Health Consultations by Industry Experts

Integrative Health Smart Tools

SaluGenecists' Natural Health Smart Tools ("Smart Tools") have been developed with the understanding that a considerable improvement in health and corresponding decrease in disease burden, accompanied by a concomitant savings in cost, can be accomplished by personalized health improvement advice based on a person's unique needs and biochemical individuality.

These Smart Tools are natural health expert systems that use artificial intelligence to identify each individual's most important underlying physiological dysfunctions and the steps necessary to remedy them. This is accomplished using rigorous probabilistic reasoning based upon authoritative, evidence-based, peer-reviewed research. The Smart Tools promote restoration of function through the use of inexpensive agents that strengthen the body, while also emphasizing personal education and self-care.

Our system design enables us to ask a limited number of initial questions, the answers to which provide smart branching to increasingly targeted, differentiating questions. Working through a list of 50-100 questions (out of a database projected at over 20,000) yields advice personalized to a depth never before available. By answering this individualized series of "smart questions", the user triggers the system to create a map of his or her unique metabolic and functional needs, ranked by probability and their potential impact on health.

Upon completion of this process, dietary, nutrient, botanical and lifestyle recommendations are provided and rank-ordered according to the probability of their efficacy in matching the individual's unique needs. These recommendations are all evidence-based, with documentation of references and research article abstracts provided. They are optimized to compliment current prescription and OTC medications, including recommending nutrients needed to mitigate the side effects of commonly prescribed drugs, while avoiding herbs that might interact with drugs a user may be taking.

We provide two versions of our Smart Tool. One is designed for use by the public, while the other is designed for use by healthcare practitioners. Each is written to meet the educational needs of its specific user, with the healthcare practitioner tool offering a greater level of sophistication in content depth.

Our Smart Tools also feature an easy-to-use, in-depth Diet Analysis Tool. This tool has an interactive user interface that not only engages the user with personalization, but is able to capture a fine level of detail and accuracy about his or her actual diet. It measures a wide array of nutrients - macronutrients, micronutrients, phytonutrients and more - providing detail on up to 138 different nutrients. Additionally, the Diet Analysis Tool offers an unprecedented ability to measure a person's intake of environmental toxins through the diet, capturing information on 175 different pesticides, synthetic chemicals and heavy metals present in the food supply. Both the nutrient and toxicity data are derived from U.S. government databases. In addition to being an integral part of the Smart Tools, the Diet Analysis Tool is offered as a free-standing software product.

We are designing our system to utilize such cutting edge technologies as predictive genomics arising from the human genome project. As SNPS (single nucleotide polymorphisms) become measurable, the probabilistic recommendations of our system will become ever better able to differentiate the causes of an individual.s symptoms with pinpoint molecular accuracy.

SaluGenecists' expert advice system is designed to create a unique and engaging user experience in order to enhance user compliance. It can be accessed through the Internet, used in privacy, and completed at a comfortable pace. All information collected is confidential with results tracked over time.

While the use of artificial intelligence in health care is not new, SaluGenecists' approach is. Expert systems are now assisting health care professionals in many areas, ranging from interpreting laboratory tests to determining drug dosage, and even to making a medical diagnosis. Advanced expert systems have been shown to be more diagnostically accurate than physicians in controlled conditions. Although expert systems are a proven technology, SaluGenecists had to design and program its own expert system to meet the unique requirements of our groundbreaking approach. Salugenecists has pending patents for our Smart Tool.

Demonstrations are available for our Consumer and Healthcare Practitioner targeted tools.

Integrative Health Comprehensive Knowledge Solutions

In addition to our artificial intelligence-based Smart Tools, Salugenecists also offers custom designed Integrative Health Comprehensive Knowledge Solutions ("Knowledge Solutions"). These Knowledge Solutions deliver integrative health education through innovative technology platforms and feature in-depth natural health content written by experienced medical writers. Combining our expertise in medical research review and writing, educational strategy development and technology architecture development, these Knowledge Solutions can target a wide range of audiences through a variety of delivery channels. Whether your strategy is to access the general public through a website, healthcare practitioner clients through an interactive CD, employees through your corporate intranet, or any combination of market and media, we can design evidence-based Knowledge Solutions that meet your specific needs.

Examples of our customized Knowledge Solutions include:

  • Whole-foods Education Website

    We developed the World's Healthiest Foods website (whfoods.org) for the George Mateljan Foundation. Our full spectrum involvement included concept development; generation of research-based content on foods, diseases, nutrients, and other health topics; creation of customized programs such as a diet analysis tool and meal planners; user experience consultation; and content management.

    For this Knowledge Solution, we also provide the Foundation with ongoing creative and technical consultation, helping to make whfoods.com a website that provides important whole-foods nutrition information to more than 50,000 visitors each month. Despite the fact that no advertising has ever been provided for The World's Healthiest Foods, it is now a highly recommended site by Tufts University and ranked "best of the best" in "The Web's Greatest Hits, 2004 edition" by Lynie Arden.

  • Dietary Supplements Efficacy Database

    For a dietary supplement manufacturer, we developed a Knowledge Solution that entailed conducting a research review of over 200 ingredients and 600 constituents included in their product line, evaluating physiological effects and other markers of clinical impact.

    A uniquely designed interactive database was created that houses the research findings, enabling the client to discover previously unknown insights to support new product development, structure/function claim substantiation and ongoing research endeavors, among other benefits.

  • Disease Education Protocols

    This Knowledge Solution involves the development of integrative medicine disease education protocols, including an innovative risk assessment tool. The evidence-based protocols are housed in a customized interactive database that supports a personalized educational experience for the user of a web-based integrative medicine education and products/services gateway website.

Integrative Health Consultations by Industry Experts

As leaders in the field of integrative health, we are often called upon to provide consultation and education to various companies and organizations. Our experience in delivering educational presentations, developing detailed targeted content and coordinating healthcare solutions allows us to assist clients in their various personalized project goals.